Health care should include many options beyond medical coverage. Options like: eating right, exercise, deep breathing, meditation and, of course . . . essential oils!

Essential Options offers the highest quality 

essential oil blends, salt scents, and Celtic bath salts.

About Essential Options

Our oils are Therapeutic-grade and Organic.

95% or more organic in each blend. In a few cases we could not obtain organic oils, so we chose the closest alternatives such as Wild Crafted or Non-Certified Organic. 

Essential Options is unique.

-Ready-to-use essential oil blends, so there's no need to mix or dilute your own.
-Custom oil/salt blends. These can be made-to-order for specific needs.
-Aromatherapy necklaces
-Other aromatherapy accessories and Healing teas, to be added to our collection at a later time


-Wellness Workshops 
      (Topics: Nutrition/Water, Deep Breathing, Essential Oils, Meditation, Herbs/Teas, and Spiritual Health).

Essential oils are not medicine. They do not cure disease, but they can enhance the body's natural ability to heal itself.